Human Impactt
Master in Organisational Phychology, Coach and Therapist

About Human Impactt

Human Impactt creates targeted development processes, value adding, sustainable impact and energy on all levels in your organization - aiming at the Future while building on what already works.

We design targeted leadership, team and organisational development initiatives, focus on balancing interactive dynamics and dilemmas to achieve optimum results and behaviors. Building the bridge to the next level.

Key trade marks

  • business, executive, and individual coaching, and HR partnering
  • deliberate and targeted approach deploying business strategy
  • building people, culture, competencies and capabilities
  • building healthy and self sustainable organisations

Organisational Development

Team Building

Individual Coaching

ISTDP Therapy

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Sofie Smidt Hansen
Fasanvænget 13, 6710 Esbjerg V

+45 51 23 00 54
36 40 09 27
Sofie Smidt Hansen